4 million people in the UK may be living with iron deficiency anaemia - are you one of them?

Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world and the only nutritional deficiency which is also significantly prevalent in industrialised countries. (ref .1)

Despite this, there remains a lack of awareness of anaemia which makes diagnosis more difficult than it should be!

We believe our technology makes diagnosis simple and quick which is why Entia is proud to be a sponsor of The Anaemia Manifesto* Steering Committee event in parliament on Wednesday 18th October.

The symptoms are easily missed in busy people.

Anaemia is so common it is often hidden in plain sight. In the UK it affects 1 in 3 patients in hospital and 1 in 10 women in the population. It also significantly impacts patients with chronic kidney disease, heart failure, and gastrointestinal disease. The symptoms are easily missed in busy people: insomnia, irritability, fatigue, hair loss, pale or clammy skin, and heart palpitations. (ref .2)

Why is testing for anemia important?

Iron deficiency anaemia can have a substantial impact on patients’ quality of life and has severe implications for our health system. Despite this, it remains under-diagnosed and under-treated. (ref .2) As part of the Anaemia Manifesto event this is something we are hoping to correct.

The Anaemia Manifesto was launched in Parliament last year. The Anaemia Manifesto Steering Committee was set up as a body of influential individuals representing patient groups, clinicians, and charities, to take forward its recommendations.

*The anaemia manifesto is fully sponsored by Vifor Pharma UK Ltd. Vifor have been involved in the initiation of the Manifesto, its content, publication and in the selection of the authors.


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  2. The Anaemia Manifesto

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